How to share your screen in a Space Viewer

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    The screensharing feature allows you to share a presentation live with other users. In this article you will learn how to share your screen in a virtual space.



    To use the screensharing tool, please use one of the following browsers:

    • Chrome
    • Edge
    • Firefox

    Also make sure that your browser is up to date. 

    Where can I share my screen?

    To be able to share your screen, search for a monitor, TV or something similar with a [+] button on it in the space. Example:



    How to start screen sharing

    Click on the plus button or double click on the display and select the window you want to share. Now click on the share button and the content of your screen will be displayed in the 3D Space Viewer.

    To also share the sound of your presentation, activate the slider under "Also share system audio".



    Since you are still in the 3D space with your avatar: Make sure you are not standing in front of the screen, blocking the view for your audience.



    How to stop screen sharing

    Simply click on the button at the top to stop screen sharing.


    And now good luck with your first fully digital presentation in the Metaverse!

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