How to configure live avatars and interact with others

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    In selected spaces you can create your own avatar and use gestures to interact with others. 


    Create and edit your own avatar

    (The information in this chapter refers to the avatar system of ReadyPlayerMe. If another avatar system is set in the space, the functionality may differ.)

    At the beginning enter a name for your avatar.

    To generate your avatar, you can simply upload a photo. However, this is not obligatory, you can also create your avatar yourself without uploading a photo or create a random avatar. 

    Now an avatar will be generated from your photo, which you can customize in the last step.

    If the configuration modal is not displayed directly, you can open it at any time via your avatar image at the top right and customize your avatar.

    Use avatar gestures

    By clicking on the gesture icon located at the bottom center, you will have various interaction options available, such as waving or dancing. This way you can interact with other participants in the space and express your emotions.

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