How to use the voice chat

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    In certain spaces you can talk to other persons in the space via the voice chat feature. 


    Use the voice chat

    If the voice chat is activated in a space, you will be asked to agree to the use of your microphone when you enter. Please click "Allow" here for voice chat to work properly.

    Please always use a headset when participating in voice chat to prevent noise interference.


    Click on the arrow next to the microphone to select your preferred input device (microphone).

    Important: The speaker you have selected as output device in your system settings will also be used by the voice chat.
    (Windows: taskbar at the bottom mceclip4.png , Mac: menu bar at the top mceclip5.png )


    If the microphone symbol is crossed out, your microphone is muted. Click on the microphone button to unmute it.

    Whenthe microphone symbol is not crossed out, your microphone is on. Click on the microphone button to mute the microphone.


    Push-to-talk mode

    When the push-to-talk mode is active, you have to hold down the microphone button to talk (you can also hold down the T key instead). You can tell if the mode is active or not by the fact that the microphone button is only active for a short time when you click it and then immediately deactivates again.


    See who is talking

    By the name label of a person you can tell if

    1. the microphone is muted,
    2. the person is speaking,
    3. the microphone is on, but the person is not speaking.

    (See the figure below.)



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