How to use business cards in 3D Spaces

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    To display contact information in your 3D Spaces, business cards can be linked from rooomEvents.


    What you need to prepare in rooomEvents

    1. Create your own event in the backend of rooomEvents (link to rooomEvents backend).
    2. Now create the users in this event and store the information for the business card in the respective user profile.
    3. Go to Setup -> Edit Event -> Settings and activate the checkbox "V-Cards public visible (without login)" at the bottom.

    After you have created an event with the necessary business cards, you can now link them in your Space, and this is how it works:


    Create link to business card

    To link a business card with an object (e.g. an avatar), you need a link to this business card.

    You create the link according to the following scheme: "dp=VCard parameters separated by semicolon&other parameters separated by &.

    Replace the bold placeholders in the link with the corresponding data:


    Enter the subdomain of your event here. You can find the subdomain under Setup->Edit Event->Settings.
    UserId  Here you enter the UserID of the user whose business card you want to link. You can find the UserID under Participants->User Accounts. Attention: In this case you need the ID in the first column of the table.
    VCard parameters separated by semicolon  Fill in the parameters (list below) for the respective information you want to display in the business card. Separate the parameters with a semicolon (;).
    additional parameters separated by &

    Specify additional parameters to display the business card (e.g. a CSS class). We recommend:



    Business card parameters

    Add the following parameters (separated by semicolons) after the ?dp= in your link to display the corresponding data:

    • email
    • phone
    • social
    • call
    • companyLogo
    • isOnline
    • calendarAppointment
    • calendly
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