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    In this document you will learn everything about the rooom Partner Portal.


    How to register to the Partner Portal

    Or click here to watch a video tutorial on how to register in the partner portal.

    All your employees can register in the partner portal through this link:

    The first person to register will automatically be assigned the Manager role for their company and will be able to view all deal requests from the company. Please contact your Partner Manager if these roles need to be adjusted.


    Search, Feedback and Menu

    In the header you can always find the search bar, which allows you to search all the content of the Partner Portal.


    At the bottom right you will find this button, which you can use to send us feedback about the partner portal:


    You can find the menu on the left side. The following menu items are available:

    • Dashboard
    • Upskilling
    • Content & Resources
    • Playbooks


    The following sections explain the menu items in more detail.



    In the dashboard of the the rooom Partner Portal you will find:

    1. Links to interesting and important content and tools, such as the onboarding and upskilling area, the help center, a feedback form and the developer documentation.
    2. Your pinned content.
      You can pin all content in the Partner Portal so that it appears on the dashboard. Just click on this icon at the corresponding content:

    3. Popular and new Content.



    In the upskilling area you can learn more about our products. You will find learning paths to our individual products and rooom in general. We are constantly expanding this area so that you are always up to date.



    Content & Resources

    Under Content & Resources you will find all the content that could be interesting for you as a partner: everything from marketing materials to blog articles, showcases and user stories.

    Use the filter to narrow the content down by type, related product or relevant industry.

    The small icons give you the option to

    1. open the linked document or web link directly,
    2. like the content,
    3. pin the content to your dashboard,
    4. share the content with others.




    The rooom Partner Portal gives you the possibility to combine any content into playbooks. Thus playbooks are compilations of content.
    Under the Playbooks menu item, you will find all the playbooks you have created and playbooks curated by us (e.g. all the documents you need for marketing purposes).


    To add content to a playbook or create a new playbook for that content, select the content and click +Playbook

    Now you just have to give your playbook a name, or select the appropriate playbook, and the content is stored in this playbook.

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