Registration Settings of your Event

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You can use different registration modes for your event. Learn more about the possibilities here.

You have the following options for the registration of your event:



If you choose Password, your visitors will have to set a password during registration.



If you choose Passwordless, your visitors will not have to set a password during registration. With this registration mode, it is mandatory that you send the visitor a link to set a password via the automatic registration email or a separate mailing before the event. Click here to learn more about the mailings.


External Registration

With the external registration, you can direct your visitors to an external URL to perform the registration. Just below the field you will find a quick access to the translation tool to customize the text of the registration button.


Quick Register

The Quick Register mode allows your visitors to register and log in to your event with their first and last name at the same time. The user does not receive any login data in this way, in order to log in to your event via the normal login mask.

So the Quick Register is an option to let your users into the event without much effort. But all account-dependent features, like individual calendars, business cards etc. can't be accessed again when the user has logged out.

Please remember that once set, the Quick Register will allow access to your event. So it is best to activate the Quick Register only once your event starts.



With this option you can keep the registration disabled regardless of the event status.


OAuth registration

In addition to the registration options above, you can also enable registration via selected third-party services (Google, Apple, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.). 

Simply select the appropriate services in the drop-down menu. 

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