How to share & embed a rooom360 showcase

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    You can easily share a 360° tour with others. In this article you will learn more about the possibilities of publishing.


    How to share a showcase

    You have successfully set up your 360° object and now you want to share it with others or use it for marketing activities? It is easily accessible in any browser via the rooom360 link.

    For this, log into your rooom360 dashboard and look for the specific showcase.


    The button mceclip0.png will provide you with the web link. You can share this link with others and use it, for example, to invite others to a tour via social media, newsletters or other channels. You can add the link to the clipboard by clicking on mceclip1.png.


    You can also send the link directly via e-mail or share it on social media.


    How to embed a showcase

    You can not only share the showcase via the link, but also embed it on your own website. Just use the Embed button for this.


    Now you can simply copy the embed code and add it as an iFrame to the HTML code of your website. Click mceclip1.png to copy the code to your clipboard.


    PS: You can also access this function via the editor:


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