Add 3D objects to rooom360 showcase

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Virtual Staging allows you to place 3D objects (like interior or products) in your rooom360 showcase.

How to add 3D objects to your showcase:

  1. Open the rooom360 editor of the showcase.
  2. Click the [+] in the left menu bar to add objects (or tags, images and videos) to your showcase.
  3. Search the rooom database or choose from one of the 25 categories. Here you will find items such as furniture or decoration.
  4. Select a 3D object and choose one of the different object variants. Here you can choose between different colors or materials. (You cannot change the object variant later on. To use a different object variant, delete the object and add it again with the new variant).
  5. Move the object with the mouse to the desired position in the showcase and click the left mouse button.

You can now edit and customize the added object. Click here to learn more about the editing options.

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