Interactive object options in the Space Editor

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    You can make objects interactive with a number of features. In this article you will learn how to add interactions in the Space Editor.

    Interactions can be defined for each individual object. They help you to make your space even more interesting and exciting

    After selecting an object, you can find the interaction settings in the object menu in the right sidebar under More object options.

    You can activate different features using the switch buttons. The interactions are visible in the Space Viewer only.


    The object will have a colored mouseover effect (highlight). This can be useful in combination with a tooltip and a link to help guiding attention to the content.

    Turn to camera

    The object rotates with its front side to the current position of the user. We recommend activating this feature for 2D objects. It will create a 3D effect for 2D uploads. This is usually not necessary for objects from the 3D object library (such as furniture).

    Movable object

    This feature enables visitors to move objects around in the Space Viewer.

    You need to book advanced interactions for your space to enjoy this feature. 

    Like button & Show number of clicks

    If the click count display is activated, the number of clicks on an element will appear as a tooltip above the object.

    You can even enable visitors to "like" objects. A like can be submitted simply by clicking on the heart. The number of likes is then displayed as well.


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