Activate screen sharing in Space Editor

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    Screen sharing allows you to share your screen with others in the Space. In this article you will learn how to set it up.

    With screen sharing, you or your guests can mirror their screen to a predefined display in a 3D space. Combined with an active avatar system and voice chat, this allows you to give lectures, presentations or pitches to a virtual audience, for example.



    The following requirements are necessary for screen sharing:


    How to enable screen sharing in 3 steps

    1. Select an object in the Space Editor by double-clicking on it or via the object list to activate editing. (Screen sharing is only available for objects that have a display, e.g. monitors or TVs).
    2. Go to the Displays tab in the object menu in the right sidebar.
    3. Now activate Allow screen sharing under More options.
    4. Tip: Select a placeholder image under Display Media. This image will be displayed as long as there is no screen sharing.

    In the 3D Space Viewer, a [+] will now appear above the object, which can be used to start the screen sharing (alternatively, double-click on the object). Click here to read how to use screen sharing in the 3D Space Viewer.

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