What is the Space Configurator?

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    The Space Configurator is a tool that allows you to provide limited editing of a Space to third parties. This article explains what this means.


    What is the Space Configurator useful for?

    With the Space Configurator, guest contributors can customize colors, materials, displays and links in a 3D space. In contrary to the Space Editor, the editing options are limited. For example, no new objects can be added or moved. This is why the Space Configurator is ideal for adapting existing template spaces without having to make too many changes to the template.

    This is what the Space Configurator allows (for existing elements):

    • Customizing colors and materials
    • Adding thumbnails/preview images to displays
    • Uploading PDFs
    • Embedding videos
    • Linking to websites
    • Uploading 2D avatars
    • Adding live streams
    • Showing preview in the 3D Space Viewer
    • Sharing link and embed code to 3D Space Viewer

    The Space Configurator does NOT allow:

    • Adding elements from the 3D object library
    • Uploding custom 3D objects
    • Moving or rotating elements
    • Deleting elements
    • Resizing elements
    • Showing or hiding elements
    • Adding tooltips
    • Adding highlights (color effects)
    • Rotating elements to camera or making them moveable
    • Showing like button or click counts
    • Enabling screensharing
    • Changing starting position
    • Adding or editing navigation spots

    The Space Configurator is perfect if you want to outsource the setup of a 3D space without the possibility of adding, deleting or moving objects. At big events or exhibitions, for example, there are many booths featuring different exhibitors. With the Space Configurator, exhibitors can easily upload their own content and customize an exhibition booth template. They don't have to log in or create their own account, instead they simply can access it via a link.


    How can I access the Space Configurator?

    1. You can access the Space Configurator via: https://configurator.spaces.rooom.com/
    2. Log in with the credentials of your rooom dashboard and select the space you want to edit in the Configurator.


    How can I give guest contributors access to the Space Configurator?

    After you have selected the space you want to share in the Configurator, you can create a link to allow third parties to make edits:
    Click here to learn more.


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