How to use the Space Configurator

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With the Space Configurator you are able to edit a 3D space in a limited way. In this article you will learn the basics of using the Configurator.

When you are invited to edit a Space via the Space Configurator, you will receive a link that begins with . If you open this link, you will be taken to the Space Configurator.

As a guest contributor, you can customize not only the individual objects in a space, but also the walls and floor of the room. To do this, you can switch between Objects and Walls on the left side. There you can find an object list from which you can select individual elements.


Editing options

After you have selected an object for editing, there are different editing options:

  • Materials:
    Under Materials, you can customize the object's appearance and texture. This option is available only for elements such as furniture.

  • Colors:
    Under Colors, the colors of the object can be adjusted. Depending on the object, different colors are available. You can use this option, for example, to add the colors of your corporate design to an exhibition booth.

  • Links:
    Under Link, you can insert an URL that will be linked on the object. This option is especially useful for elements such as iPads, laptops or screens. If you want the website to open in a modal, use the following parameter: room:openIFrame#{'url'=''}. Videos can also be embedded via YouTube or Vimeo embed link. We also recommend uploading a thumbnail/preview image.

  • PDF:
    Under Flipbooks, you can upload a PDF file (max. 20 MB) that will be linked on the object. Use this option to provide elements like magazines with an interactive flipbook that guests can browse through. We also recommend uploading a thumbnail/preview image.

  • Displays:
    Under Planes you can add different media to displays (e.g. on monitors or laptops). You can add images (JPG/PNG), short looping videos (MP4) or live streams (stream URL). Make sure that the aspect ratio of the preview images fits the selected object. These are usually 16:9 for monitors, 3:4 for magazines and 1:2 for roll-up banners.

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