How to protect your space with a password

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    A password is the digital key to your space – it ensures that only authorized individuals have access. Here's how you can set up a password in a few simple steps.

    Setting and Viewing the Password

    1. Find your space on the dashboard under Spaces.
    2. Click on the three-dot menu for the desired space and go to Settings.
    3. Under the General tab, there is a Password field.
    4. Once you enter your password, it is saved automatically.
    5. To view the current password, click on the eye icon.

    Removing the Password

    If you want to remove the password protection, simply delete the password from the field. This will make the space accessible to everyone again.

    By following these simple steps, your space remains protected, and you maintain control over who can enter it. If you want to change the password, just repeat the steps and enter a new password.

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