Preparing videos and images for use in Space

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    Learn how to optimally adjust your files for the Space Editor to ensure smooth performance.

    When incorporating videos and images into your space, it's crucial to keep an eye on file size and format in order to maximize the performance of your space. Here you'll learn how to effectively prepare and use your media.

    Supported File Formats and Size Limits

    First, it's vital that your files are in a supported format and do not exceed certain size limits. The maximum file sizes are set as follows:

    • Images: .jpg, .jpeg, .png – up to 10 MB
    • GIFs: .gif – up to 10 MB
    • Flipbooks: .pdf – up to 20 MB
    • Videos: .mp4, .ogv – up to 40 MB
    • Audio: .mp3 – up to 10 MB

    Performance Tips

    For optimal performance of your space, it is advisable to use the embedding option via YouTube/Vimeo links. The use of too many or very large MP4 files can slow down the loading time when entering the Space Viewer.

    Reducing File Size

    To reduce the size of your media files, you can consider using online tools like These tools enable you to compress the file size of your images and videos, leading to faster loading times and better performance in your space.


    Click here to learn how to add media to an object.

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