How to use template spaces to create a customized 3D experience

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Templates allow you to create your own virtual spaces quickly and easily. In this article, you will learn how to customize a template.

Designing a virtual space that has your personal touch and is functional at the same time doesn't have to be a challenge. With the templates from rooomSpaces, it's a no-brainer. Find out how to effectively use and customize pre-built template spaces to shape your space in the digital world.


Step 1: Select template space

Go to the Spaces tab in your rooom dashboard and click on Add Space. Here you will find a selection of pre-made spaces for different use cases. These range from interactive conference rooms to futuristic and natural environments to sophisticated business showrooms.


Step 2: Personalize your space

After selecting a template, you access the Space Editor, where you can edit the space according to your wishes. Customize the color of objects in your space to create a consistent branding experience. Browse the extensive 3D object library and add furniture, interior design and decoration to further individualize your space.


Step 3: Add content

Integrate different media into your space. You can put thumbnails, logos, animations or links to your website on monitors and other objects. Include content such as image videos, 3D products, presentations, manuals or online shop pages by uploading a URL or PDF.


Step 4: Activate interactive features

In the settings, you can activate interactive features such as avatars and voice chat to make your virtual space even more dynamic and user-friendly.


Step 5: Promote your space

Once you have set up your space, you will receive a link to the 3D Space Viewer, which you can use to share or embed on your website. Your guests can now visit the space and experience it interactively.

Creating a virtual space with template spaces is a great way to showcase your brand while enhancing the customer experience through interactive engagement. Unleash your creativity and design a space that not only impresses your customers, but also represents your company in the digital world. Have fun in the process!

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