Preparing Your Space for Oculus/Meta VR App

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    Here you'll learn how to prepare your space for viewing in the Oculus/Meta VR app.


    Preparing Space for Oculus/Meta App

    Follow these steps to generate a Unity bundle and get a PIN code to access your space:

    1. Open the Space Settings

    Go to the space you want to prepare for the Oculus/Meta VR app. Click on the three-dot menu of the respective space and select "Settings".

    2. Navigate to General and Platforms

    In the Space Settings, you'll find various categories. Select the "General" category and then scroll down to "Platforms".

    3. Click on "Generate Unity Bundle"

    Under the "Platforms" category, you will find the "Generate Unity Bundle" button. Click on it to start the bundle creation process. This may take a few minutes.

    4. Wait for the Bundle to Complete

    Once the Unity bundle creation is complete, a code will be displayed. You can use this code to open your space in the Meta VR app.

    5. Open Space in the Meta VR App

    Launch the rooom Oculus/Meta VR app. Your space should now appear under user spaces. If not, enter the displayed code to manually load your space and experience it in the VR environment.


    Why Conversion to Unity is Necessary

    rooom spaces are originally created as glb scenes, primarily displayed via WebGL in the browser. However, to view your space in the Oculus/Meta VR app, they need to be converted to a format supported by the VR platform. Unity is a powerful development platform optimized for VR applications, allowing complex 3D scenes to be rendered smoothly and interactively. By creating a Unity bundle, your space becomes compatible with the VR environment, enabling you to enjoy an immersive experience.

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