Set ambient sounds in the Space Editor

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Learn how to quickly and easily set ambient sounds in the Space Editor.

Ambient sounds play a crucial role in shaping the atmosphere of your virtual space. By adding background noises or music, an immersive experience is created, allowing visitors to dive deeper into the virtual world. This acoustic dimension can enhance emotions, complement visual perception, and shape the overall mood of the space.


How to set ambient sounds in your space

  1. Open the Space Settings in the Space Editor from the main left menu: 
  2. Here, select Ambient Sound.
  3. Now upload an audio file in .mp3 format.
  4. And adjust the volume of your audio file accordingly.


Additional Tips

Choose a sound that supports the visual design and theme of your space. For instance, soft background music or natural sounds can have a calming effect, while lively tones can create an energetic atmosphere.

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