Embed Public Polls from rooomEvents into Your Space

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    Interactivity plays a crucial role in the design of virtual event spaces. One way to engage your visitors is by embedding public polls directly into your space. This article guides you through the steps to insert polls from rooomEvents into the Space Editor.


    Step 1: Set Poll to Public

    First, you need to ensure that the poll you want to embed is set to public. This allows visitors to your space to participate in the poll without having to register for your event beforehand.


    Step 2: Find the Poll ID

    Once your poll is public, you need the unique poll ID to embed it in your space. You can find this ID in the URL of your poll's editing form in the backend. For example, if the URL is https://backend.events.rooom.com/polls/123/edit, then 123 is the ID of your poll.


    Step 3: Create the Embed URL

    To embed the poll in your space, you need to create a special URL with the found poll ID. This URL looks like this:
    Replace EVENT-URL with the URL of your event and POLL-ID with the ID of your poll. The additional parameters at the end ensure that only the poll is displayed without a menu, header, or footer, providing a seamless integration into your space.


    Step 4: Apply the URL in the Space Editor

    Now that you have the special embed URL, you can use it in your Space Editor. Select an object where you want to display the poll, and assign the URL as a link for this object. This way, the poll can be displayed in a modal when visitors click on the object.

    By embedding polls in your space, you can not only increase participant engagement but also gather valuable insights and feedback in real-time. Follow these steps to make your event more interactive and appealing to your visitors.

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