Video settings in the Space Editor

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    Learn how to adjust the video playback and sound in your Space for an immersive experience.

    When you insert a video on the plane of an object, additional functions are available to you. Find out what they are in this article!

    Playback Options for Videos

    By clicking "Don't pause video when out of view" you can decide whether videos on your Plane continuously play or pause when out of the viewer’s sight. This feature is key to ensuring viewers miss none of the action, even while exploring other parts of the Space.


    Volume Adjustment

    Volume control allows you to set the general audio output of your video. Adjust the volume to suit the ambience of your Space while remaining pleasant for viewers.


    Sound Radius Customization (Spatial Audio)

    Setting the sound radius lets you dictate how far the audio from your video carries. This feature is essential for directing interaction in your Space, whether you prefer an intimate setting with close-range audio or want your sound to reach further out. The setting is made in the unit meter.

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