Changing camera perspectives in the Space Editor

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    In the rooom Space Editor, you can easily switch between the standard first-person perspective and a bird's-eye view to observe your projects from different angles.


    Basics of Camera Perspectives

    The Space Editor offers two main perspectives: the first-person perspective and the bird's-eye view. Each perspective provides a unique angle and can be useful for different purposes when designing your space.

    1. First-person perspective: Ideal for navigating through the space as if you were standing in it yourself. This perspective is particularly useful for fine-tuning details and interacting with objects on a personal level.
    2. Bird's-eye view: Provides an overview from above and is perfectly suited for overseeing the entire layout and the objects in the space. This view helps you effectively plan the placement of objects and the utilization of space.


    How to Switch to Bird's-Eye View

    To switch from the standard first-person perspective to the bird's-eye view, follow these simple steps:

    1. Open your space in the Space Editor.
    2. Click on the camera icon in the left menu bar.
    3. In the dropdown menu, you will find several camera settings. Choose "Bird's-eye view."
    4. The view of your space will instantly change, showing it from above.


    Switching Back to First-Person View

    If you want to switch back to the first-person perspective, you can follow these steps:

    1. Click again on the camera icon in the left menu bar.
    2. Select "1st Person" from the menu.
    3. Your viewpoint will return to the first-person view, and you can continue to edit and explore your space from this perspective.
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