Resolution settings for planes in the Space Editor

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    Learn how to adjust the resolution of planes in your Spacce to optimally display media files.

    What is a Plane?

    A plane is a flat, two-dimensional object used to display media content such as images or videos in a 3D environment. 

    To ensure that your media files are displayed on a plane in the best possible quality, you can set the resolution of the plane in the Space Editor. This setting helps optimize display quality, especially when the maximum texture size is limited.


    Why a fixed plane resolution can be beneficial

    The dynamic adjustment of textures in the Space Viewer can vary depending on internet speed and device performance. While this function is generally useful for smooth and fast rendering, it can sometimes lead to an undesired reduction in texture sizes for media files. A fixed plane resolution ensures that your media file is never displayed blurry but may negatively impact the performance of your Space.


    Step 1: Select the plane in the Space Editor

    In the first step, you need to select the plane in the Space Editor to make the desired changes.

    • Open the Space Editor.
    • Select the object with the plane either from the object list on the left side of the screen or by double-clicking on the object. 


    Step 2: Adjust resolution settings

    In the Space Editor, you can now adjust the resolution of the plane according to your requirements.

    • After selecting the object with the plane, the quick menu will open on the object.
    • Select "Edit Media" from the quick menu.
    • Choose the desired resolution from the "Plane Resolution" dropdown menu. The resolution is specified in the maximum side length in pixels (px), up to a maximum resolution of 4096 px.
    • The default setting is "Automatic," which means the resolution is adjusted automatically. 
    • The changes are automatically applied once you set the desired resolution. No additional saving step is required.
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