How to Embed a Miro Board in a Space

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    If you want to display a Miro board ( in a Space using a modal, follow these steps:

    Use the Embed Code Link

    Use the link from the embed code of the Miro board to ensure correct display. 

    It should start like this:


    Adjust the Link

    Remove the last (red) part of the link to format it correctly. Here's an example:

    Original Link:,-694,2471,1248&embedId=123456789

    Adjusted Link:


    Steps to Embed the Miro Board in a Space

    1. Open the Space editor.
    2. Double-click the object you want to link (e.g., a screen).
    3. Open the "Link" tab in the object menu.
    4. Insert the adjusted link of the Miro board into the URL field.
    5. Select "Show content in modal" to display the Miro board directly in the Space.

    For more information, visit the rooom Help Center.

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