Product Editor basics

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    The Product Editor allows you to edit 3D objects and make individual settings. In this article you will learn more about working with the Product Editor.

    The Product Editor offers you various setting and editing options for 3D models - allowing you to easily stage your products without any special skills.

    How to open the Product Editor

    1. Go to the Products section in the dashboard and select the 3D model you would like to edit.
    2. By clicking on a product, the Product Viewer will open
    3. To open the Product Editor click on the Edit button ( ) of the respective product.

    Features of the Product Editor

    In the Product Editor you can view the 3D object from all angles - just like in the 3D Product Viewer. There are also various tools that you can use to adjust the settings.


    1 - General settings (e.g. environment textures)

    - Add and edit annotations (info points and descriptive texts)

    3 - Effects

    - Ambient sound

    5 - VR settings

    6 - Change textures

    - Change the name of your 3D Product Viewer

    8 - Create a rendering of the current view

    9 - Set current view as start perspective

    10 - Preview in 3D Product Viewer

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