3D models from photos

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    3D models can be created automatically from photos. In this article you will learn how to shoot and upload a series of images.

    If you do not have 3D data available, you can also create a series of images and upload them. 


    How to shoot the photos

    Take at least 20 - 60 photos from different heights (depending on the size of the object), with which every single angle of view on the object is covered. When taking photos, follow these guidelines:
    • Ensure that your product is well lit.
    • Ensure that the whole product is in focus.
    • As far as possible, don't use a cellphone camera. For large products like furniture, use a camera with a 50 mm lens. For small to medium sized products, use a 70 mm or 100 mm lens.
    • Take extra photos of any unique details or textures like a close up photo for logos or any important details.


    How to upload the photos

    1. Go to the product overview by selecting products above and click on upload.

    2. Now select your photos (.jpg or .jpeg format) or drag & drop them into the upload modal. You can either select all your Data here in or to make life easier pack it in a ZIP archive beforehand (see tips).

    Please note that the maximum file size for uploads is 100 megabytes.

    3. The system then compiles the images and generates a 3D model. If post-processing is necessary, you can contact our experts and receive a cost estimate.


    Important tips for uploading

    • To upload your 3D data, i.e. your 3D object and the corresponding materials together, simply package them together in a ZIP archive. 

      Windows: Select your files, right-click on one of the selected files, then click on "Send to" and then on "ZIP compressed folder".

      Mac: Select your files, hold down the CTRL key and right-click (two fingers on the touchpad) on one of the highlighted files, then click "Compress".
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