Guidelines for custom 3D modeling

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We can create professional 3D models individually according to your wishes. In this article you will learn about the guidelines for custom 3D models.


1. Guidelines for photos

2. Guidelines for measurements


To create accurate 3D models, our 3D artists need detailed photos and measurements of the object.

Guidelines for photos

The photos should cover every single angle of view on the object. When taking photos, follow these guidelines:
  • Ensure that your product is well lit.
  • Ensure that the whole product is in focus.
  • As far as possible, don't use a cellphone camera. For large products like furniture, use a camera with a 50 mm lens. For small to medium sized products, use a 70 mm or 100 mm lens.
  • Take extra photos of any unique details or textures like a close up photo for logos or any important details.
  • Name your photos accordingly (e.g. vase top, vase bottom and so on) and place on their respective folder.


Guidelines for measurements

When getting measurements, follow these guidelines:

  • Describe each dimension of your product in clear, simple terms.
  • Provide the measurements in mm.
  • Include a diagram to show which dimensions the measurements correspond to.
  • If you have technical drawings or CAD files associated with your product, include those as well.

Please provide a measurement diagram with corresponding product dimensions in millimeters. For example, a vase with this measurement:

  • The height of the vase (1) is ____mm
  • The top of the vase to the bottom of the neck (2) is ____mm
  • The bottom of the neck to the bottom of the vase (3) is ____mm
  • The diameter of the mouth of the vase (4) is ____mm
  • The width of the lip of the mouth (5) is ____mm
  • The diameter of the bottom of the neck (6) is ____mm
  • There are 8 hexagonal faces on the vase
  • The height of the hexagonal faces (8) are ____mm
  • The width of the hexagonal faces (9) are ____mm
  • The diameter of the widest part of the vase (10) is ____mm
  • The diameter of the bottom of the vase (11) is ____mm
  • The diameter of the foam feet are ____mm

Our 3D artists use these photos and dimensions to create a 3D model of the product. We will send you a 3D Product Viewer link where you can view the product in 3D and Augmented Reality.

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