Sharing your 3D product

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You can easily share a 3D product with others using the 3D Product Viewer. In this article you will learn more about the possibilities of sharing.


  1. Direct link
  2. Embedding


You have created your 3D model successfully and now you want to share it with others? Anyone can easily access it via the public link in your browser. Alternatively, you can embed the 3D Product Viewer on your website or online shop.


Direct link

You can use the direct link, for example, to present your product via social media, newsletters, or other channels.

1. Click on Objects on the right menu bar.

2. Here you can see all 3D objects that are assigned to your account. Now select the object you would like to share.

3. By clicking on the share icon, a popup will open.


4. Now you can copy the direct link and simply paste it into the browser.




You can get the embed code in the same way. Just add the iFrame to the HTML code of your website. This way your 3D product can be seamlessly integrated into websites.

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