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    With our 3D Product Viewer we enable Augmented Reality visualizations without downloading an app. In this article you will learn how to get an AR projection.

    Augmented Reality (AR, also known as Mixed Reality) allows real and virtual worlds to merge. This means that virtual content on the smartphone or tablet is seamlessly combined with the real environment. In this way, reality is expanded to include digital elements.


    How do I get an Augmented Reality projection?

    1. Open the 3D Product Viewer of your object with a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) to see the 3D model.

    2. All you have to do then is to tap on the AR button in the bottom right corner and allow access to your device's camera.

    3. Now focus the camera on a plane background, for example the floor, to place the object.

    4. By dragging and dropping the object with one finger you can move it as you like. Use two fingers to zoom in and out.

    Alternatively, you can open the 3D Product Viewer on your desktop and click on the AR button. Now you will see a QR code that you can scan with a mobile device to get the AR projection. Depending on your device, you can either scan the QR code with a scanning app or directly with your camera. Then repeat steps 3 and 4.


    Technical requirements

    Augmented Reality projections require a smartphone or tablet with camera access. Our AR applications are supported by the following devices and operating systems:

    • iPhone from model 6S
    • iPad from model 5
    • iOS from version 12
    • Android from version 8.0 with ARCore 1.9 support
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