Document collections (Legacy)

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This article is about the old Legacy Space Editor

A document collection allows you to link multiple pieces of content to a single object. In this article you will learn how to create and manage a collection.


1. Create a collection

2. Web links (documents)

3. PDFs (flipbooks)

4. External videos (YouTube)


Create a collection

You can use a document collection to attach multiple assets to one object (e.g. tablet). This includes PDF documents, web links or even YouTube videos. Collections are only available for selected objects.

1. Select the object you would like to add a collection for.

2. In the editing bar, click Select Documents.


3. With the button [+ Collection] you can create a new collection.

4. Now you can choose a name for the collection.

5. Click on the pen (Edit) and then on [+ Document] to add content to the collection.

collection2_1_.png      collection3_1_.jpg

6. When you have uploaded all your content, you can get a preview. You can also delete the individual documents and sort the order.

7. Finally, you only need to link the collection to the object:


The collection that is linked to the object is displayed with a check mark.

Tip: In addition, you can provide and display an optional description of the collection.


Web links (documents)


You can link websites via the Documents tab.

  • Title: The title is visible in the overview. Enter a brief description of the website's content here.
  • Link: Insert an URL here.
  • Thumbnail: A thumbnail is needed for the overview. Here you also have to insert a URL.

Please note: Only URLs that are embeddable via iFrame can be included in the collection.

 PDFs (flipbooks)


Under the Flipbook tab you can add PDF documents.

Here you can choose from the PDF documents that are already in your account.

You can also assign a title here. Click Add to include the selected flipbook in the collection. The preview image will be generated automatically.

To add a new PDF document to your account, you first need to upload it to your library:


 External videos (YouTube)


You can embed external videos using the YouTube Video tab.

Just enter the title and the YouTube URL of the video.

The video will be embedded automatically by clicking Add. You do not need an embed link here. The preview image will be generated automatically as well.

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