Embedding & uploading videos (Legacy)

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This article is about the old Legacy Space Editor

Videos bring your virtual space to life. In this article you will learn about the possibilities of video presentation.


1. External video embedding

2. Uploading videos as MP4


There are two different ways of displaying videos. The external embedding is recommended if you want to use a video from a platform like YouTube. If you don't have a YouTube link available, but the video as MP4 file, you can also upload it directly.


External video embedding

External videos can be videos on YouTube, Vimeo or another platform. You can embed and handle them in a similar way as web links. External videos do not loop continuously, they run only after the play button has been clicked. For this reason you need an additional preview image.

1. Select the object you would like to connect to the video (e.g. a monitor or tablet).

2. Copy the embed link in this format:

https://www.youtube.com/embed/TRGS-7Gitis or https://player.vimeo.com/video/438911304


3. Paste the URL into the Link field.

4. Set the checkmark at Transparent, so that it does not open a new browser tab.


5. You can also upload a preview image that will be displayed on the monitor, for example. We recommend uploading an image with a play button here, so that visitors can see directly that there is a video.


6. Click Save!

PS: You would like to embed a live stream? Read more here!


Uploading videos as MP4

It is possible to attach an MP4 file directly to selected objects. In this case the video will run in a loop directly on the monitor. 

1. Select the object you would like to connect to the video (e.g. a monitor or tablet).

2. Upload an MP4 video file via Select video. ATTENTION: The file must not be larger than 30 MB.


Tip: To optimize the performance of your virtual space, we recommend using external embedding if possible. Too many or very large MP4 files can increase the loading time when entering the room.

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