Placing objects (Legacy)

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This article is about the old Legacy Space Editor

Virtual spaces can be customized individually. In this article you will learn how to place and move elements.


1. Finding & placing objects

2. Moving multiple objects simultaneously

3. Working with the positioning assistant


Finding & placing objects

Simply select an object from the catalog on the right menu bar. The object library is grouped into different categories. You can also use the search field. Use the plus button to add the object to the room. Using the mouse or the arrows you can change the position and rotate the object.

The following options are available under Actions:


- Copy object (including all visual and content adjustments)

2 - Highlight: The object gets a colored mouseover effect (only visible in the Space Viewer)


3 - Lock object: Prevents the object from being moved by mistake


If an object is locked, this is indicated by a red framing. The lock can be removed by clicking the corresponding icon again.

4 - Delete object


Moving multiple objects simultaneously

With the Multiselect function you can arrange multiple objects at once. This is useful, for example, when moving groups of items that are already aligned. You can select a group of objects by holding down the CTRL key and clicking on them so that they are highlighted in blue. Then you can easily move them with the mouse.


Working with the positioning assistant

The positioning assistant can help you when you would like to place objects on a table or counter, for example. To do this, select the object so that it is highlighted in blue. Press the keys CTRL + A together to activate the positioning assistant. Now you can easily align the element with another object using the mouse.

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