How to share and embed a space

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    You can easily share a virtual space with others using the 3D Space Viewer link. In this article you will learn how it works.

    You have successfully set up your 3D space and now you want to share it with others or use it for marketing activities? It is easily accessible in any browser via the 3D Space Viewer link.

    Clicking on the space tile in your dashboard will open the 3D Space Viewer for the selected space. You can share this link with others and use it, for example, to invite others to your space via social media, newsletters or other channels.



    How to get the link of your 3D Space Viewer

    Click on the three-dot menu (mceclip0.png) of the desired space and then on Share. There you will find the direct link (the URL) to your 3D Space Viewer, as well as an embed code. You can share this link with others and use it to invite others to your space.

    share spaceviewer_2.png


    How to embed a 3D Space Viewer

    You can not only visit your space via the link, but also embed it in your own website. Just copy the embed code from rooom and add it as an iFrame to the HTML code of your website.



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