How to configure live avatars and interact with others

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Visitors of a 3D space can configure a personal avatar and interact with others. In this article you will learn how to use live avatars.


1. Avatar configuration

2. Interactions (gestures)


Live avatars are not available by default. The feature is only available if it is activated for your space.

There are also different types, e.g. human avatars, cartoon avatars or robots. However, only one type is available for a space.


Avatar configuration

Before you can enter the room, a pop-up will open where you can edit the name and, if available, the color(s) of your avatar or even create a new avatar.


Depending on which avatar system is available, you can also upload a photo. The system will then automatically create an avatar that can be individually customized. In this case, you can also choose from different outfits.


When you are done with the configuration, you can enter the room by clicking the Start button.

Now you can move around the room freely and your avatar is visible to others.


Interactions (gestures)

By clicking on the hand icon, which is located at the bottom center, you have various interaction options such as waving or dancing. This way you can interact with other participants in the room and express your emotions.

If your space is part of an rooomEvents hosted event, the avatars are also equipped with virtual business cards. In this way, by clicking on the avatar, you can see the contact details of the person and contact them directly (e.g. via chat).

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