Playing GuessWhere

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GuessWhere is an exciting geography quiz. In this article you will learn how to participate in the game.

The goal of GuessWhere is to score by matching a random photo from Google Street View to the most correct location on a world map. 

1. Search for GuessWhere in the left menu bar. You will now get a short instruction of the game as well as the current ranking list.

2. Click on Start GuessWhere to start the game.


3. Look picture: You will find a random panorama, through which you can navigate with the mouse. Now you have to guess where this place could be in the world based on the photo.

4. Set marker: Set a marker on the map by clicking with the mouse. You can zoom in and out of the map by scrolling. 

5. After clicking on Guess you will get the solution. Depending on how close your marker is to the actual location, you will get score points.


6. Click Next Game to directly start the next round. You can also continue later at any time.

7. Complete a minimum of ten rounds to be included in the ranking. The average score per game will be used for the ranking. The time you play does not matter. You can play as many rounds as you want.

Enjoy your virtual trip around the world!

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