Interactive breakouts (round tables)

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Round tables provide an interactive breakout space to share ideas on specific topics. In this article you will learn how to participate in the breakouts.

Round tables serve as interactive breakout rooms for spontaneous meetings and virtual conversation rounds. Participants can move around easily and individually in a 2D environment, get to know each other and engage in casual conversations.

And this is how it works:

1. Go to the appropriate menu item - this may be named differently depending on the event. Common terms are Round Table, Virtual Space or Lounge.

2. You will now see an overview of all available breakout rooms. These are usually assigned to different topics. When you have decided on a topic, you can enter the space via the JOIN button.


3. When you use the tool for the first time, a pop-up window will open. Give the system access to your microphone and webcam here.

4. You will now be represented with your profile picture on the floor plan and can move around. Simply drag your picture to a position of your choice (e.g. the virtual table you want to sit at).

5. You can also see other participants by their profile pictures. If you go close to them, you will be automatically connected via video call.

6. On the right side you will find a tool bar where you can select the following settings:



Tip: You can learn how to create round tables in the backend as a Convention Manager here.


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