Video Shuffle in rooomEvents

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The Video Shuffle is like a virtual networking carousel. In this article you will learn how to participate in the Video Shuffle.

The Video Shuffle is a casual and entertaining networking tool: In the digital "speed dating" all participants are randomly connected with each other in 1-to-1 video calls. After a few minutes, you will be automatically connected to the next available chat partner. You can also switch to the next partner manually at any time.

And this is how it works:

1. Go to the appropriate menu item - this may be named differently depending on the event. Common terms are Video Shuffle, Video Match, Chat Roulette or Networking Carousel.

2. Click on the Start button.


3. When you use the tool for the first time, a pop-up window will open. Give the system access to your microphone and webcam here.

4. (optional:) If the host has defined categories, you can select a category according to your interests. You will then be connected exclusively with partners of similar interests. In Dating you can also select your own gender and one or more gender(s) you are interested in.

5. Now you will be randomly connected to another participant in a video call. A progress bar indicates the remaining time.

6. As soon as the time is up, you will be automatically connected to the next participant. If everyone is talking at the moment, you may have to wait a moment until the next partner becomes available. The number of current participants is visible under Online.

7. You can manually switch to the next conversation at any time. Just use the Next button for this.

Enjoy the virtual speed dating!

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