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rooomEvents will present you interesting contacts based on your interests. In this article you will learn how to use the matchmaking feature.

The matchmaking feature lets you skip the hassle of searching for new contacts. Interesting contacts ("matches") are simply suggested to you by matching interests based on the networking profiles. (To use this feature, the organizer must have defined possible fields of interest.)

1. Define your interests

You can select multiple fields of interest in your networking profile under My Area.


Watch out: In order to be suggested to other participants with similar interests, you should check the box I would like to participate in networking with my profile.

2. Get contact suggestions

Your information from the networking profile is the basis for matchmaking, so that contacts with matching interests are preferably listed for you in the networking area. These are marked with a match icon.


Business cards in the networking area will be sorted automatically based on your indicated fields of interest. In other words, the highest matches will be shown to you first. You also have the option to filter by individual fields of interest.

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