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With the calendar you can schedule and manage appointments. In this article you will learn more about the calendar features.


1. How to book an appointment

2. Appointment administration


How to book an appointment

1. In a 3D space you can find avatars. When you click on them, the virtual business card of the person will open. Alternatively, you can also open the exhibitor profile of a company. There you can also find the business cards of the contact persons.

2. If the person is available for appointments, a calendar icon will be displayed on the business card. Click the icon to open the calendar.


3. You can only select dates and times during which the person is available. Select a date and time. Depending on availability, you can also decide whether the appointment should take place by phone or video call, for example.


4. Now click on Confirm. Then you can write a short message for the person. After that, confirm the appointment type and complete the booking.


5. The person will now receive a notification and can either accept or decline the appointment request. You will then also receive a notification via the bell icon at the top right.


Appointment administration

You can access your personal calendar via the menu item My Area. You can also access your calendar via the top menu bar at some events.

Appointment overview:

Here you can find an overview of all scheduled appointments.

1 - You can see whether the appointment has already been confirmed by the other person or not.

2 - Here you can see the type of appointment (e.g. video call).

3 - You can also export the appointment as a calendar file.

4 - Here you will also find the option to accept appointment requests or to cancel appointments that have already been confirmed. The respective person will then receive a notification.

5 - When the time of your appointment has arrived, you can also join the video chat directly from here. The video call will open directly in the browser, no download is required. You just need to confirm access to the camera and microphone.

If you have put certain program points on your watch list, they will also appear in this overview.

Manage availabilities:

If you want other participants to be able to book appointments with you, it is absolutely necessary that you define your availability. Be aware: Without entering your availability, the calendar will not be displayed on your business card!

To do this, click on Manage availabilities. Here you have the possibility to define time slots during which you are available for appointments.


1 - Select date and time (start and end of availability).

2 - Specify the preferred type of appointment (on-site at hybrid events/phone/video call).

3 - After that, click on Add.

4 - You can also set how long you want each appointment slot to be and the intervals between them.

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