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The agenda gives you an overview of the program. In this article you will learn more about participating in the program.


1. Program overview

2. Speaker overview

3. Personal program

4. Participation/replay


Program overview

The menu item Program (or Agenda) will take you to the program overview. Here you will find all sessions in chronological order. The sessions can be assigned to several channels or stages, which are differentiated by color.

You can use the filter function to filter by channel. For specific keywords you can use the search bar. By clicking on the respective program item, you can see details about the session, the related speaker(s) and, if applicable, downloadable documents.


Speaker overview

Click on the menu item Speaker to get to the speaker overview. Here you can find all speakers of the event. By clicking on the respective speaker, you can view details about the person, social media profiles and sessions in which the speaker is participating.

Personal program

You have the possibility to compile your individual event program and to bookmark individual sessions. To do this, simply click on the star (Bookmark) at the top of the program item. The session will be added to your personal calendar and your favorites list. You can find them under My Area in the left menu bar. You can add speaker profiles to your favorites in the same way.


All sessions currently taking place are highlighted with a live label in the program overview. Past program points can be viewed as video on demand shortly after being broadcast. After selecting a session, you can start the recording by clicking on the play button of the player.


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