Effective Networking with Chat Features in rooomEvents

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    Learn how to use the chat features in rooomEvents to network effectively and maintain your connections.


    Starting a Contact via a Virtual Business Card

    Begin by opening the virtual business card of the person you want to contact within rooomEvents. You can do this, for example, through the networking area of the platform.


    Initiate a Chat

    Click on the Start Chat icon to begin a new chat in rooomEvents.

    Initiate a chat via the chat icon in rooomEvents.


    Sending Messages

    Once the chat opens, you are in a direct chat with the selected person within rooomEvents. Type your message and send it by pressing Enter or clicking the send arrow.

    Message window with input capability in rooomEvents.


    Continuing Existing Conversations

    You can also open the chat area directly via My Area or the chat icon in the top menu of the platform to continue existing conversations in rooomEvents.

    Overview of current chat conversations in rooomEvents.


    Managing Active Chats

    In your chat overview, you can see all active conversations in rooomEvents. Use the magnifying glass to navigate through your existing chats. Then select the desired conversation on the left side. You have the option to mark chat rooms as unread or add them to your favorites.


    Understanding Status Indicators

    You can determine the online status of your chat partner in rooomEvents by the colored dot in front of their name:

    • Green = online and currently active in chat
    • Yellow = online
    • Gray = offline


    Additional Tips

    If the name of a company is displayed, all available contact persons will be informed about your request. If the name of an individual person is displayed, you are in a one-to-one conversation. You can recognize channels or group chats by a # symbol in rooomEvents.

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