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Exhibitors, partners and sponsors have their own microsites for presenting themselves. In this article you will learn what you can find on a company profile.


1. Go to the appropriate menu item - this may be named differently depending on the event. Common terms are Partners or Exhibitors.

2. On the overview page, all participating companies are shown by their logos. These can also be presented in different categories for some events.

3. You can filter by business areas or categories. A search function is also available here. You can add interesting companies to your favorites list by bookmarking them with the star.

4. By clicking on a logo you can view all available content of the company. This can include:

  • General contact information
  • Company description, optionally with image video
  • 3D exhibition booth
  • Contacts
  • Products of the company
  • Programm contributions
  • Job offers
  • Documents to download (e.g. company brochures)

5. You would like to get in touch with a company? No problem! The following options are available

  • Use the chat button at the top of the company profile to start a text chat with all company contacts (company chat).

  • If you want to address a specific contact person, you can call up his or her business card in the company profile or in the networking area. Here you can use all the networking features of the business cards (personal chat).


PS: Learn how companies can administrate their profile by themselves here.

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