Product & job administration

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Exhibitors or partners have access to edit their content. In this article you will learn how to manage product and job pages.

This article refers to both the Products module and the Jobs module. Both modules can be used independently - the procedure is the same for both.

Users with the Stand Personnel or Stand Manager roles can edit their company's job and product pages in the frontend.

1. Go to the menu item My Area. If you have the authorization, you will find the fields Products or Jobs there.


2. Now you can edit existing products or jobs, delete them or create new pages.


Alternatively, you can open existing pages and go to edit in the upper right corner.


3. You can individually adapt and maintain the content.

If the event is multilingual, you have the possibility to provide your content in different languages via the language switcher in the upper right corner.


4. Don't forget to save your settings.

PS: Products can also be managed by the Convention Manager using the backend. Jobs can only be managed via "My Area".

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