General Event Settings

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You can easily customize your event platform. In this article you will learn how to customize the basic settings of an event.

You can access the general settings via the left menu under Setup -> Edit Event. There you will find the tab General.




Here you can make basic adjustments.

  • Event title: The name of your event. This will be displayed on the pre-event page.
  • Event subtitle: optional


  • Begin/End: Start and end dates and times of the event (YYYY-MM-DD). The beginning is determinant for the countdown.
  • Description: Here you can insert any content that will appear on the home page. For example, you can embed the virtual lobby via iFrame.
  • You should upload the following images
    • Logo (will be displayed on the top left)
      → Format: jpeg, jpg, png, gif; ideally cropped (transparent background); 175 px x 45 px x 72 dpi; max. 300 KB
    • Background image
      → As neutral as possible, without fonts, possibly blurred; format: 1920 px x 1080 px x 72 dpi (aspect ratio 16:9); max. 500 KB
    • Favicons (symbol in the web browser)
      → Format .ico: 16 px × 16 px; format .png: 16 px × 16 px, 32 px × 32 px and 180 px x 180 px
    • Product fallback image (default product image) (optional)
      → Format: jpeg, jpg, png, gif; max. 200 KB
    • E-Mail Header Image (optional)
      → Format: jpeg, jpg, png, gif; 600 px x 300 px; max. 300 KB
  • Social URLs: Here you can insert links to social networks. These will be visible in the footer.


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