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rooomEvents (eventCloud) allows you to send mailings to all participants of an event. In this article you will learn how to send a newsletter mailing.

With the newsletter you can contact all registered participants of an event via e-mail. This way you can provide your guests with important information before, during or after the event. Password links can also be sent quickly and easily.

1. Select your convention and go to Participants -> User accounts in the menu.

2. Click on Actions and then Send Newsletter Mail.

Newsletter EN

3. Fill in the following:

  • Subject: Enter the subject of the e-mail here.
  • Domain: optional
  • Variables: You can use the variables to add a personal salutation, for example. With the variable "Passwordresetlink" every user will receive his login data.
  • Content: Here you can insert the content of the newsletter and edit it with the Content Editor.

4. Click Send to submit the newsletter.


PS: You can edit the content of the automatic registration mail in the general settings of the event.

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