Send Mailings (Newsletter etc.)

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rooomEvents allows you to send mailings to all participants of an event. In this article you will learn how to send a mailings and set up an email header image.


  1. Newsletter
  2. Registration mail
  3. Email header image



With the newsletter you can contact all registered participants of an event via e-mail. This way you can provide your guests with important information before, during or after the event. Password links can also be sent quickly and easily.

1. Select your convention and go to Participants -> User accounts in the menu.

2. Attention -> before you send the newsletter mail, use the Role menu to select the recipients you want to send the mail to. 

For example, if you select the Speaker role, the newsletter mailing will be sent only to the speakers shown in the list.

3. Click on Actions and then Send Newsletter Mail.

4. Fill in the following:

  • Subject: Enter the subject of the e-mail here.
  • Domain: optional
  • Variables: You can insert the variables by double-clicking, e.g. to add a personal salutation. With the variable "Passwordresetlink" the user gets a personal link to reset his password.
  • Content: Here you can insert the content of the newsletter and edit it with the Content Editor.


5. Click Send to submit the newsletter.


If you use a password reset link in your mailing, it appears as a button at the very bottom of the mail, regardless of where the token is in the text. Keep this in mind when formulating.

To view the sent newsletter mails, go to Actions and then to Archive.

Attention -> When sending multiple newsletter mailings, our system sends the mails one after the other, i.e. the mail may not reach the recipients at the same time, but with a time delay.


Registration mail

1. Go to Edit Event->Content and enter the subject of the registration email.

Attention -> without a subject the registration mail will not be sent.


2. Add a text in the field "Text registration mail".

3. Attention -> You can also insert the password reset link here by copying the following token into your text: %%PasswordResetLink%%. Unlike the newsletter, the password reset link is displayed here as a link and not as a button, so please keep this in mind when wording your registration email.


Email header image

1. In the menu go to Edit Event->General and scroll down to Email Header Image.


This header image refers to:

2. When uploading an image, you must make sure that it has the dimensions 600x300 pixels and its max. size is 300kb.

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