User roles & permissions

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    You can assign different permissions to users. In this article you will learn how to manage user roles.

    Assign user roles

    To manage permissions, different user roles are defined. The default roles are:

    • Convention Manager: Convention managers have access to the backend for the events assigned to them. (As a Convention Manager, you cannot assign new Convention Manager roles.)
    • Stand Manager & Stand Personal: Both roles can be assigned to an exhibitor profile. They have access to the company chat and the profile visitors. Besides that, they can edit the company profile ans product pages of an exhibitor via the frontend. Stand managers can invite additional staff as stand personnel.
    • Speaker: User accounts with this role are displayed in the speaker overview and can be assigned to program items.
    • Visitor: Every user who registers in the frontend will automatically get this role.

    In addition, individual roles can also be defined by the administrator. The administrator can also manage the scope of permissions.

    Each user account can be assigned the required roles:

    It is also possible to assign multiple roles to one account.


    Manage permissions

    Under Participants -> Permissions you will find the permission list for your event:

    Click on Edit to adjust the permissions for the individual pages of your event. You can make pages only accessible for certain user roles.

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