Managing Job Listings in the Backend

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    Through the "Jobs" module, exhibitors can create job listings. This article will show you how to manage jobs in the backend.


    General Information

    If the Jobs module has been booked for your event, you will find a corresponding menu item Partners - Jobs in the left menu bar.


    As a Convention Manager, you can enter and manage content for various job postings. You have the permission to create, view, edit, and delete jobs. Before creating job pages, you should have already created booth operators, as each job listing is assigned to a contact person.


    Requirements for Booth Staff

    Important: To assign a booth staff in the dropdown selection for job ads, it is mandatory that the booth staff is assigned to a company (exhibitor). This ensures that job listings are correctly connected to a responsible contact person. Assigning booth staff to a company is a necessary step before they appear in the selection for job listings.


    Contents of Job Listings

    The following contents can be maintained (* mandatory fields):

    • * User: Assignment of booth staff account (not displayed in the frontend)
    • * Job title
    • Description: Here, individual content can be inserted with the Content Editor.
    • Contact: Application to (e.g., email, URL, contact)
    • Documents (e.g., job advertisement for download), max. 50 MB each

    PS: Booth staff can also independently maintain the job listings of their company via the frontend.

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