Create and manage Exhibitor profiles

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Exhibitors or partners have company profiles (microsites). In this article you will learn how to create and manage exhibitor profiles.

A well-maintained exhibitor profile is the company's showcase at a virtual event and offers numerous options for displaying content. Convention Managers can create exhibitor profiles in the backend and configure various settings. But also the assigned booth staff can administrate the content via the frontend.

1. Go to Partners -> Exhibitors and click on the Create Account button.


2. Now you can fill in all relevant information:

  • Title: Company name
  • External ID: In case of integrating external systems or databases (e.g. SAP).
  • Signature: e.g. claim/slogan
  • Description: Enter a description to briefly introduce the company. The content editor offers you numerous customization options - for example, add a link, an image or a video. Depending on the language setting of the event, you should maintain the description in multiple languages.
  • Logo: Add the company logo for the best possible brand recognition (image may be max. 150 KB in size and of the following format: jpeg, png, jpg, gif)
  • Adress data: Complete the information fields for the company address (place, country, ZIP code, state, address line 1 & address line 2)
  • Website & contact information: Provide a website as well as the email address and phone number of a contact person who will be available to visitors of the event (or general contact information). Please enter the URL as follows:
  • Social Media URLs: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, XING. If a channel has been linked, the corresponding icon will appear in the exhibitor profile.
  • Business areas: Optional for the filter function (business areas need to be defined beforehand)
  • Exhibitor categories: Optional for the display on the exhibitor overview (categories need to be defined beforehand)
  • Stand personnel: Assign users with the role Stand Manager or Stand Personnel to the exhibitor profile. These persons are available as direct contacts of the company and have access to the company chat. The business cards are displayed in the exhibitor profile under Contacts. Read more here.

Please note: The assignment of the stand personnel is done via the assignment of the user role in the user account. A user can only be the stand manager of one company (duplications are not possible).


Tip: It is also possible for the exhibitors to edit their profile themselves using the frontend. All you have to do is fill in the title and assign the booth staff


3. Click on Save to create the exhibitor profile.


4. After the exhibitor is created, you have more options available:


1 - Company chat is activated

2 - Company is displayed in the chat of each user

3 - Video chat function is activated for stand personnel

4 - Exhibitor profile is listed in the exhibitor overview


5. Private Files: Here you can provide documents for download only for the exhibitor's stand manager.

Tip: Instead of creating exhibitor profiles manually, you can also use the data import.


Do you need to delete an exhibitor profile? Simply remove the checkmark at Exhibitor is activated! The profile will then no longer be visible in the frontend.

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