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You can send a push notification to all participants. In this article, you'll learn how to create and manage these notifications.


1. Create and send notifications

2. Delete and restore notifications


1. Create and send notifications

You can use notifications to send important information to participants during the event, such as program changes. You send the notifications via the backend.

1. Select Interactions -> Notifications from the left menu.

2. Click on the Create Notifications button.


3. Fill in the following:

  • Role: Select which user roles should receive the notification.
  • Type of notification
    • Just Notification: The message will only be displayed in the notification center. This is also where contact requests appear, for example.
    • Notification And Modal: In addition, a pop-up window will open for the user, overlaying the current screen (for very important information). 
  • Send to: Here you can select whether the notification should be sent only to users who are currently online or to all users (including those who are currently offline).
  • Icon: Appears in the notification center (see above). You can choose from a variety of icons.
  • Notification: Enter the text of the message here.

4. Click on Send now to send the message. If you want to send the notification later, click Save.


5. You can send saved notifications by clicking the bell button in the overview.


6. So that you don't send a notification by mistake, you still have to confirm this action in an opening modal.


2. Delete and restore notifications

To delete a notification, click the bin button. mceclip2.png

Deleted notifications will no longer be displayed to participants and can be found in the Notification Management under "Deleted Notifications". You can also restore deleted notifications there.

Attention: Notifications deleted from the "Deleted Notifications" section are permanently deleted and cannot be restored.

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