Video Shuffle setup

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    The Video Shuffle can be used as an interactive networking tool. In this article you will learn how to add a Video Shuffle module to your event.

    Video shuffle is a virtual networking carousel in which participants are randomly connected to each other in video calls. Common terms for this feature are video shufflevideo matchchat roulette or networking carousel.


    Activate video shuffle 

    1. If the video shuffle feature has been booked for your event, you will find a dedicated item in the left menu bar under Interactions -> Chatroulette
    2. Check the box Chatroulette is enabled.
    3. Define the duration of the individual conversations. According to experience, a duration between 1.5 - 2 minutes is best. You can also choose the type Without duration. In this case, the calls are only ended via the Next button.
    4. Make sure to click Save.


    Define categories

    You can use the video shuffle both with and without categories. When categories are defined, matchmaking takes place among the participants. In this way, the person you talk to is selected according to certain interests or, in the case of speed dating, according to the selected gender.

    1. Create at least two categories under Chatroulette.Chatroulette%202%20EN[1].png
    2. The names of the categories can be, for example, certain areas of interest.
    3. Also, if you check the Dating box, you will be able to use genders for the selected category.
    4. If dating is used, you should define genders afterwards. In this case, participants can specify their own gender and one or more genders they are interested in.
    5. Don't forget to save your settings!


    Reset video shuffle

    With video shuffle, you are connected to the same user only one time. In certain cases it may be useful to reset the video shuffle, e.g. after testing (shortly before the start of the live event). 

    After the reset the chat history will be cleared, so all users will be available again. To do this, please contact your personal customer success manager or the rooom Support.

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