Managing polls

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Live polls can be used during a program item. In this article you will learn how to create and manage polls.


1. How to create polls

2. Poll administration


Polls are a tool that you can use, for example, during a live presentation to evaluate the opinion, previous knowledge or preferences of the participants.

How to create polls

1. Go to the menu item My Area. If you are authorized, you will find the Polls field there.


2. Select the corresponding program item under event and and provide a title for the poll (e.g. "Opinions about the event".)

3. Select whether the poll should be active (=voting possible) and public (=participation possible even without registration). You can also define whether the results should be visible for everyone who voted in the poll. You can take the poll live at any time later using the slider in the list.

4. Click on Save to initially create the poll.

5. Click the [ ? ] button in the list to assign one or more questions to the survey and create a poll question.


6. Enter the question (e.g. " How do you like the event?") and choose an answer type.

  • Single choice: One answer possible
  • Multiple choice: Multiple answers possible
  • Text input: The system will generate a WordCloud from the participants' answers

7. Provide possible answers (for single and multiple choice).

8. Click on Save to add the question (and answers).

Active polls will now appear in the frontend in the pop-up sidebar of the assigned program item:


Poll administration

After the creation you will get an overview of the answers to your poll. You have the following options:


  • You can edit the status (active/public/results) directly in the list. Active polls are displayed under the program item. If you have already created the poll in advance, you can activate it during the session. Public polls can be used without registration.
  • QR Code: You can display the QR code in the live stream. Participants can scan the code with their smartphone to take part in the poll. 
  • Edit and add questions
  • Edit title, status and the assigned program item
  • Get a preview
  • See results (not public)
  • Reset Poll: All previous answers will be deleted.
  • Delete the entire poll

PS: Polls can also be managed by the Convention Manager in the backend under Polls.


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